Hi, I’m Ali Mirza, the founder of iSocialYou.

iSocialYou is dedicated to helping you get results from digital marketing campaigns.

It is the place to get inspiration, no-bullshit guides, case studies and tools for the online success.

If you are a digital entrepreneur, startup founder, blogger or a small medium business owner, you are in the RIGHT place.

After spending 10 years in corporate America, I noticed that having an awesome product or service is not enough. It’s actually the marketing that helps us build engaging relationships with ideal customers. I also observed a change in marketing landscape i.e. a shift towards digital and social channels.

Today iSocialYou helps its clients in 2 important aspects of social media marketing

  1. Creating an engaging social brand
  2. Lead generation through social media

I didn’t start iSocialYou because I was unhappy at my corporate job (Actually I loved it!)

I started iSocialYou as a TEST LAB: A place where I could test every single marketing, startup and growth hacking strategy. Today I work with several clients and 1000s of students get results from my online courses.

Here are some fun facts about Me:

  • I am originally from Pakistan
  • I love frosted flakes (nothing beats cold milk and cereal combo)
  • I eat chipotle at least 3 times a week
  • I am afraid of dark, height and water (haha its true)
  • I started my career as a software developer

Don’t hesitate to contact me using this contact page or just email me at [email protected]эхолоты для рыбалкиспагетти карбонара со сливкамивыравнивание пола под паркетную доскуindependent call girl malaysiatradingцерковь возрождение