Influencer Marketing

How to Start Best Influencer Marketing Strategy in 2019

What is meant by Influencer Marketing

The marketing in which we promote the products and services via influencers. Influencers are the people who have followers in a huge amount. Influencer Marketing is the best strategy for promoting business in a short time. Influence marketing helps your business to take a step towards success. Influencers have the huge followers there is the reason behind that people are trusting the Influencers and support them, if you do promote your business with the help of the influencers then you can generate lots of sales as well as the awareness of your brand also increase.

Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Like other marketing strategies, influencer marketing has different campaign strategies. Here we are telling you some famous and working campaign strategies.

Promo Codes and Affiliate Marketing

Whenever you are contacting the influencer for promotion of your business you are providing them the promo codes and that promo code they are using in the post for increasing the sale. For example, you have hired the influencer for selling the jeans pants and you will provide them a promo code like “promo30” and that influencer will use this promo code when they are advertising your product, the influencer will ask to his or her followers to buy this product and use this promo code for discount. When the audience will see the discount code most of them will purchase the product because people don’t let go of the discounts.

Let’s talk about the affiliate marketing campaign, in this strategy you are not paying the influencer for the per post or the weekly or monthly. You are paying the influencer on each sale as, like the Amazon, Bluehost, etc, you are offering the affiliate program to the influencers. How much the influencer sells your product you will give them the commission. For example, you have set the commission of 10% on each sale, if the price of the product is $10 then after the sale the influencer will get the $1. The affiliate marketing strategy is best for the brand and the influencers. The influencers can generate a lot of revenue by selling the products through their account and brand have ultimately benefit when the products sell.

Giveaway and Winning Draws

In this strategy, you are giving the product to the influencer free of cost and you are demanding from the influencer to promote your product on their social media accounts. For example, you are selling mobile phones and you have given the one mobile to the influencer who has a huge amount of subscribers on YouTube and in return you ask the influencer to promote this mobile on their youtube channel. The Youtube influencer will unbox the mobile and describe the features of the product on the video and recommend the audience to buy a mobile phone.

You can also start the competition between the audience and in the reward you will give the product to the winner of the competition. The competition should be like this you can ask the audience like the post, comment on the post, comment your one friend on the post and share the post on your timeline, and the lucky winner will get this product in reward. We suggest you start the competition once a week you can do daily but it all depends on your budget. When you are announcing the winner name be sure you are mentioning the correct name of the winner and try to satisfy the audience.

How to Build the Influencer Marketing Strategy

When you are investing for the first time in influencer marketing it seems like the gamble which means there will be no guarantee of success after using this marketing. The failure in the influencer marketing can exist in one case that one the brands are not investing properly, when they don’t know how to invest, which influencer is best for their marketing strategy, which area they should have to target for sales.

For gaining success in the influencer marketing you need to set your goals. You need to identify that what is your budget, which influencer is best according to your budget and need, which country belongs influencer you required for your brand promotion

Understand the Nature of Influencer

For influencer marketing this is the most critical section, you need to create a bond with the influencer but choosing the best influencer is another tricky word. There are a few guidelines that will help you to choose the best influencer.

Niche of Influencer

This is the first thing you need to analyze before selecting the influencer. You should check that the selected influencer should be relevant to your brand niche. If you are doing the brand promotion from the irrelevant influencer then you will never get the much better engagement response from people because you are not advertising your product in the correct dimension. If you want the much better results from the influencer marketing then you should have to identify your brand relative influencer.

Identify the Level of Influencer

Identify the level of influencer mean you are analyzing the range of the followers of the influencer. You should have to find the influencer according to your budget. Because every influencer has own sponsorship rates. If you have a low budget then you can contact the micro-influencers. The micro-influencer is those that have followers from 1000 to 10000. We recommend you hire the influencer who has followers more than 10K because 1000 followers accounts can only generate 8% likes on the post which is too less, if you want instant boost and Instagram automatic likes then choose 10K plus followers influencer.

Tool for Finding the Influencer

There are many tools like Buzzsumo are available online those are offering the opportunity to find the influencer according to your needs and brand niche. Some of these tools are free and some of the tools are paid. If you are a new influencer marketing field then we suggest you use the free tools because as we mentioned the influencer marketing is the gamble so you don’t need to spend your money on purchasing the tools. There are some other tools like Email Finder or Voila Norbert in which if we put the name of the influencer then these tools will provide you complete details of the influencer don’t you think it is amazing? You need to go anywhere with the help of the online tools you can get every information in just a few seconds.

Determine the Cost of Influencer

There are different modes of paying the influencer for the brand promotion such as pay per post, pay weekly, pay monthly, pay on sale, pay per engagement and so on. Every influencer has different advertising rates such as Kylie Jenner she is the most popular celebrity and influencer on Instagram and she is charging the $1 million per post, this all depends on the followers. If you have a low budget then you can contact the influencer who has 1000 to 10K followers these influencers help you in promotion at a small scale similarly if you have some high budget then you can contact the 100K followers influencers for higher promotion. If we suggest then you should contact the 10K followers gaining influencer because in start almost every person has a low budget so micro-influencer marketing is best.

Best Influencer Marketing Way

Contact the Influencers who Use Videos

Videos are more helpful in gaining more engagement as compared to pictures because it is natural that people love to watch the videos instead of pictures just because pictures are boring. We suggest you invest your money on the influencer who is using the videos mostly. For example, you can contact the YouTubers, you can ask them to review your product on their youtube channel. If you are selling mobile phones then you can unbox your mobile through the YouTuber, etc. In short, if you want instant sales then you should invest your money on video creators influencers.

Create the Eye Catchy Content

Instead of creating the ads create the eye-catchy content because the content is the king. In this advanced era, every social media platform automatically promotes the unique content but due to high competition you are not getting much better results than in this matter, you can give your content to the influencers to upload on their profiles so how you can get much better engagement results from the user. If you are creating content related to your product then you must mention the specifications and price of the product, as well as the post, should be simple and easy to read.


Influencer marketing is the advance marketing methodology in this modern world. If you are looking for an instant boost on your posts and want to increase your sales rapidly then you should try the influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is considered as the one marketing strategy for the advertisement of the products or services.

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