Facebook ads to sell event tickets

Use Facebook Ads To Sell Event Tickets (Multiple Day In-Person Event)

YES, you can sell tickets to your offline in-person event with Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads are not just for online webinars and digital courses. With the right strategy, we can invite people to buy tickets to our offline multiple-day event.

Client Goals

  1. Sell tickets to a 3-day event using Facebook Ads
  2. Stay on the top of mind (engage) to build excitement

Tactics Used

This client had used Facebook Ads before but didn’t have any success with selling tickets.

Here are some of the tactics we used to turn it around for this client

  1. Installed Facebook pixel on the landing page (Yes it was missing 🙁 )
  2. Built look-a-like audiences of email list & website traffic after pixel was active for a couple of weeks
  3. Shared short educational videos about “WHY PEOPLE SHOULD CARE/ATTEND” the event
  4. Built a custom audience of people who had watched 50%+ of the educational videos
  5. Created conversion campaigns and targeted people who had watched videos
  6. For ads, we used Facebook dynamic creatives and tested images and videos
  7. We also tested different audiences e.g. Video viewers, Look-a-Like list and engaged followers from Instagram

As you can see, there was A LOT of testing done behind the scene and it worked 🙂


Here are some of the numbers from this campaign

Facebook Ads to sell event tickets webinars

Tickets Sold = 7

Cost per ticket sold = $30.96

Price of a ticket = $500

But here is the coolest thing

The lifetime value of a customer for this client is huge. It’s $20,000+…


Because $500 is just the price of the event ticket. At the actual event, people buy high-end consulting and coaching packages.

Key Takeaways

Warming up the audience before you put your offer in front of them can make a huge difference

Dynamic creative ads are great to A/B test and find the best combination of ad copy & creative

Always keep the lifetime value of a customer in mind while creating Facebook Ads