Facebook Ads To General Leads For A Local Service Business

Lead Generation Without Any Website Traffic Or Email List

What if you want to generate business leads but you have

No website traffic

No email list

And the social audience is very small

Is it even possible to use Facebook Ads effectively in this scenario?

The short answer if YES.

With some creativity and good strategy, we can do wonders with Facebook Ads 🙂

Client Goals

  1. Generate inbound inquires (leads) from Facebook

Tactics Used

The main challenge was there was almost no website traffic, no email list and also no email/lead capture form on the website.

But, we wanted to generate inbound inquires from the right type of people.

Here are some of the tactics we used for this campaign

  1. We decided to use Facebook messenger Ads (so we can keep people on the platform)
  2. Target local home owners and business owners (This campaign was for a local cleaning service business)
  3. We tested Ads with Images and short videos (before and after creative)


Here are some of the numbers from this campaign

* After week1: We tested different creatives and audiences.
Facebook Lead Generation Ads
*After A month – Tested various images, videos, audiences and qualification tactics.

New messages = 46

Amount Spent = $849.49

Cost per message = $17.30

The lifetime value of a customer for this business is over $1000 (one cleaning session can cost a couple of hundred dollars on average)

Key Takeaways

Facebook messenger ads can be very effective if you don’t want to send traffic to an external landing page.

Yes, you can target local home owners and business owners with Facebook Ads.


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