Automate Instagram Direct Messages

Instagram Direct and CRM: Turn Followers Into Clients With Inflact

Do you use DM for reaching out to clients? Do you need to manage several business accounts on Instagram? Do people ask you tonnes of similar questions in DMs? 

What if I tell you that there is an all-in-one online chat and CRM system that can simplify your life? Forget about numerous spreadsheets – all the data about your orders and clients is kept in one place!

Inflact Direct is a multi-purpose chat where you can make 6-figure sales just with a thorough communication strategy. It’s a must-have tool for e-commerce shops, small businesses, brands, and influencers. The online tool allows you to connect multiple accounts, save quick replies, set up target auto-replies for common questions, organize bulk messaging, and categorize interlocutors by labels. Let’s dive into the most advanced Instagram messenger on the web.

How do you benefit from the Inflact Direct? 

Automate Instagram Direct Messages

The Inflact Direct module lets businesses and influencers adapt their communication strategy to the social media funnel, guiding a follower from awareness to advocacy. Why will this messenger help you to uplevel customer relations management on Instagram? 

  1. Engagement with every new follower leads to intimate relationships, a boost in sales. Welcome messages will help you to get potential customers more interested in your content and products. You can announce sales, present coupons for new followers to stimulate purchase decisions if they are still doubting. 
  1. Reminding followers about yourself lets you be ahead of the competition. Inflact allows you to manage safe bulk messaging campaigns so that you can easily reach out to clients when needed. Do your competitors offer discounts? Notify your clients about the even better conditions in DM. 
  1. Categorized chats result in personalized attitude and order in DM. Inflact lets you leave a note and label chats so that any employee could see the details and could operate the order. You can filter chats by indicating words in a search bar to keep messenger in order. 
  1. Auto-replies will help you organize 24/7 customer support in DM. Inflact will send prefabricated replies to the trigger words you mention. Hence, people who ask you similar questions in DM will get instant responses. 
  1. Mailout analytics will help you to measure the results. You won’t need to guess if the followers like your DMs or not, you can operate the real numbers. For example, you can calculate the open rate on Instagram by viewing how many messages are sent and how many are opened. All the stats are kept on your dashboard. 

As you see, Inflact is more than just a messenger – it’s a prominent Instagram marketing tool. Let’s review the features in detail. 

What are the Inflact Direct features? 

  • Single online chat for many accounts. Just imagine how convenient it will be to connect business and personal accounts or several business accounts to one chat. What is more, you can affiliate them by colors to filter messages. 
Instagram auto DM

  • Graphs for contact details + search. Fill in the address, email, and other contacts of your clients to keep the database in order. After the information is filled, you can use the search bar to find people by their address, or personal details. 
Instagram DM automation tool

  • Labels for convenient outreach. You can categorize people according to your business needs and strategies. For example, you can use labels for New clients, Influencers, Loyal fans so that every employee could understand their background. There is also the filter by labels. 
Automate your IG DM easily

  • Notes for the order status. Point out all the vital details about clients in the Notes section. For example, you can mention the issue and compensation rules to keep all the customer support members aware of a situation. 

  • Quick replies. You can save the full message and a shortcut for usual occasions people write to you about. For example, if you reach out to the contest winners, you can save the pre-planned message. When you start typing the shortcut, the full message appears on the screen. 

  • Wide range of automated messages. Inflact offers 3 types of messages that can be sent automatically, all of them are powered with the convenient preview feature.

Note: you can use targeting by language. This means that you can vary the text of messages for various target locations. For example, you can add a reply in Spanish and English, and Inflact will send the most suitable reply based on the profile language. 

  1. Welcome message. This type of message will be sent to every new follower. It’s a good way to communicate with new members of your tribe, offer help and discounts. 
  2. Reply to a keyword. Enter keywords separated by commas, and Inflact will send the prefab text if a message contains this keyword. 
  3. Reply to the first message by labels. These auto-replies will be sent to the first messages for the mentioned labeled groups. 
  • Bulk-messaging with filters. Inflact allows absolutely safe ways to send DMs to numerous followers.

You can use filters by gender, location, and others to reach out to particular segments. Moreover, the Spintax feature is available. This means that you enter synonyms to the words, and Inflact will randomize your messages to make them unique. Spintax guarantees won’t be banned by Instagram. The feature is awesome, when you need to notify the only female audience about the sale on dresses – simply choose the needed filters, enter the text, and add an image. 


Yes, all these functions are not a miracle. What is more, you can try them free via the demo chat. If you are ready to simplify your DM marketing and make the most of the Instagram sales, I recommend using this tool daily. Moreover, Inflact offers other features that help you curate Instagram content, boost posts reach organically, and attract new audiences. Instagram marketing is simple as ABC when the right toolkit is at hand – try it right now!