How to get relevant Facebook fans

I have heard many people complain about the cost of acquiring relevant Facebook fans. This is a big reason why people “buy” fans. we all know that buying fake or cheap fans ads no value to the business page or marketing campaign. Actually If you follow a simple process / steps, you can generate very cost effective & relevant fans for your page.

Look at this Facebook Like Ad campaign for one of my clients Powerhouse (local gym). We generated 139 relevant fans in 7 days at $0.25 per fan.   

Facebook Like Ad

The first like Ad is targeting people who live in Bronx, NY because that’s where this business is located (local business). The 2nd Ad is a sponsored story Ad and this Ad generated more likes (131) at lower cost ($0,25). Why ?

This is because sponsored story Ad added social context to the campaign. Many people saw something like this in their news feed.

“Julie Likes PowerHouse”

Adding social context to your Ads is very powerful. People like things that their friends like.

So what about you ? Have you had any success with Facebook like ads or campaigns ?

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