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Sorry But Developing A Cool App Is Not Enough

I recently launched a side project called MakeAnAppLike. It’s a simple online tool that will help you calculate the cost of your next mobile app project in 30 seconds.

We also share a detailed proposal and development workflow. How cool is that? 

After knowing the cost of a mobile app,  most people do one of the following.

  1. Start writing code yourself (assuming that you are a developer)
  2. Hire a team of developers (can be super expensive)
  3. Outsource it to someone on websites like UpWork or Guru (a lot of management overhead)

So you start working on the app development phase.But don’t forget that having a cool app is not enough. You need to build a community also. It’s your responsibility to find and connect with people who care about your idea.

Most people follow this plan

Focus on development = 100%

Focus on community building = 0% until after the launch. But by that time, it will be too late.

Instead, they should be spending 50% time on building the app and 50% time on building a community around their idea.


Here are some actionable steps you can take to start building your community (or tribe)

1 – Strong foundation

First of all make, sure your landing page is all set. It should have a clear value proposition and an email capture form.

Use a site list betalist for inspiration and examples.

2 – Offline hustle

Find and attend relevant events in your city. Go to and find “startup related” events in your city. Have a goal of exchanging at least 10 business cards in every single event. Now multiply that over 6 months and imagine how many connections will you have?

3 – Share your story

Start producing content. Create a blog on your own website or just use medium. Medium has a huge audience so that’s an added benefit of starting a blog on that platform.

If you are not producing content, people will not find you online (ali)

4 – Leverage existing communities

Join relevant Facebook groups in your niche and start participating in these groups regularly. Some groups allow “self-promotion” on certain days so you can share a link to your website or a recent blog article.

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Also, don’t forget the LinkedIn groups and Google+ communities. Find and join some that are relevant to your idea.

5 – Social media

Get active on social media. Yes it will take a while to build a brand on social media but you HAVE to do it. There are no short cuts. 

I know it can overwhelming, so just start with one or two social channels in the beginning.

6 – Product hunt

Join online communities like Product Hunt. You can find and connect with people who are doing cool stuff in your niche. Other founders and co-founders are humans just like you. If you email them, most of them will reply. 

You can’t skip the “building a community” part.

Imagine launching your app with a list of people who care about your idea. Who are waiting for you to LAUNCH. With a community, your chances of getting an early traction will be extremely high. 

Now over to you. What else would you do to build a pre-launch community?Bose SIE2housesраскрутка сайтаwebsite translationцены на оптимизацию сайтовсмотреть объявления на авито