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marketing for startups

Pre Launch Hustle Marketing For Startups

Pre launch phase for startups is full of hustle. Typically we are working on Building a MVP Customer development But we forget about building a community around our idea. Some people call it “marketing” 🙂 Let me show you a simple formula (Frame this) Launching a startup WITHOUT a community = FAIL  Launching a startup WITH a community that cares about […]

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On-page SEO

12 Best Tips For On-Page SEO in 2016

According to contently, search accounts for about one-third of all Internet traffic. So if you’re serious about getting the most value out of your content, understanding how to use SEO the right way is something content marketers should be paying close attention to in 2016. SEO is simply defined as search engine optimization: meaning optimizing your website in a way […]

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