idea vs execution

Don’t Tell Your Ideas, Show Your Execution

Yes, there I said it.

No one cares about your idea. Who here doesn’t have a killer idea (or ideas)?

Ideas are all cool but it’s the execution that matters. Ideas are worth nothing without an execution. Execution is worth millions.

So execute first and then show.

Let’s me explain with a formula I learned from Derek Sivers.

Bad idea = -1

Good idea = 10

Great idea = 100


Bad/No execution = $0

Good execution = $1000

Great execution = $10,000

Now, to make a business, you need to multiply the two.

A great idea with bad or no execution is worth $0.

A great idea is only worth $1,000,000 if you combine it with great execution.

You get the point!

So instead of talking about your idea, do this instead.

  • Create a landing page and put your value proposition on it. THEN SHOW IT TO PEOPLE.
  • Hire a developer from and build a MVP (assuming that you are not a developer yourself)
  • Hire a designer from and get your initial design done.
  • Create a simple DIY mockup of your idea (pen and paper works too)

You don’t want to be known as “Just an idea guy or gal”.

You want to be known as “THE EXECUTIONER” 🙂

So remember this next time you are out networking.