Facebook Business Page And SEO

Google has been indexing Facebook Business Pages for quite some time now, so Facebook SEO is not optional anymore. If your page is properly optimized, it will come UP in search engine rankings (Look at this image below)

Facebook and SEO

Just as there are ways to optimize your website for rankings, there are a few tactics you can apply to your Facebook business page to ensure that it ranks higher in the search engine. Here are some …….

1 – Choose the best possible name for your Facebook business page
2 – Create a custom fan page vanity URL (or a short URL)
3 – Include your phone number, address & hours of operation
4 – Completely fill out the short description and long description fields (Page settings)
5 – Use your SEO keywords in the description fields
6 – Create back-links to your Facebook business page (e.g. add the URL to your website, blog, emails)
7 – Create engaging content for your fans consistently

So what do you think ? Would you add anything else to this list ?

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