What Converts Best ? Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn…..

Facebook Ads

A lot of people ask me this question and I actually got this TEST this for one of my campaigns. So here are the results….

Campaign Goals 

Drive traffic form social channels to the landing page & get them to register for the app.



10 / day for 4 days on each channels. So we spent $40 on each platform. Yes, you can get results with “micro budgets”… 🙂

Key Takeaways 

  1. Facebook traffic was the cheapest but also had the highest bounce rate  (82.5%)
  2. LinkedIn traffic was most expansive but with the lowest bounce rate
  3. However most clicks to registration page and signups came from Facebook traffic
  4. On Twitter we did not use website cards at the time. If we do it again, I would definitely use website cards

So I don’t think its fair to say that Facebook does not work for B2B (or for lead generation). If your targeting is right, you can see awesome results. In this case we used “workplace targeting” on Facebook but you have many options depending on your business / industry. So Facebook still rocks 🙂

Let me know what you see with your campaigns & data ?оксана караанкаяGeniusbinary strategywebsitejade signature developerсайт