Growth Hack

Growth Hack That DOUBLED My Business Email Leads

I used to get 1 or 2 business leads (emails) per month from this blog but In the last month, I have seen an increase in email leads.

No – this was not a random act of luck. Actually, very intentional and planned experiment.

Ready for the background story?

About a month ago, I redesigned my CONTACT PAGE.

Nothing fancy. Just added some FAQs 🙂

Old page – Only a contact form

New page –  I have added some basic FAQs and a contact form at the bottom.

The main objective was to help my website visitors. So they can

  • Decide if we are the right fit
  • Learn more about what I can & can’t do for their business


growth hack experiment

This simple growth hack doubled the email leads I get from this blog.

Key Takeaways for you

Here are couple of things you can try on your website or blog.

  • Review your website pages (e.g. Contact and FAQ page).
  • Are you helping your target audience with the “Are we the right fit?” question?
  • What kind of questions do people ask you the most? You can add those to your FAQ or contact page.
  • Keep producing good content (blog). That’s how people will find you on the internet.

Now I want to learn from you. Have you ever done anything on your website that increased the email leads?

Let me know in the comments below and I would love to try it.

More leads = Happiness 🙂

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