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Instagram Marketing Without A Mobile Phone (You Can)

Have you ever thought about posting photos on Instagram without a mobile phone?

What about doing “everything Instagram” without a mobile phone?

It seems like you are not alone.  I got this email from one of my friends.

Hi Ali,

thanks for your info on Instagram.
I have not started with Instagram yet but would like to and find your tips very encouraging (and the fact that FB now offers to run ads on Instagram too.
I don’t have a smartphone though and no plans to get one (no need other than for Instagram etc.)
Can I get started and work successfully with Instagram without having a phone capable of taking photos?  Can I also use good stock photos that I purchased?


Thanks so much!



Since Instagram is a mobile-first platform, I would strongly suggest getting a mobile phone.

If  you want to save some money, just get a used phone from craigslist. (Make sure you meet that crazy seller at a public place hehe)


It is actually possible to do everything on Instagram without a mobile phone. Ready?

Here are the steps

  1. To create a new Instagram account, borrow your friend’s phone. Buy him or her a cup of coffee 🙂
  2. To get cool stock images, check out sites like pixabay and unsplash
  3. To create awesome images with text overlay, you can use Canva or Pablo from your computer
  4. To post images on your Instagram account, you can use tools like Gramblr and Up for Mac
  5. To engage with your followers, you can just use Instagram form your browser

Here are some more resources for FREE stock photos form Varena Ho (Growth Text).

So it’s definitely possible to use Instagram from your computer. But, nothing beats taking an “in the moment” shot form your mobile phone and then posting on Instagram right away. 🙂

So what do you think?

Are you using any other desktop tools for Instagram marketing? Let me know in the comments below and I would love to check them out.приготовлениеаналоговыепроф косметика для визажистовmiami beach real estate agentsпродвижение сайта без предоплатысоздать одностраничный сайт