4000 Reasons You Should Invest in Social Media

As a small business owner (or CMO of a mega brand) do you ever think 

1 – Why should we invest in social media marketing ?

2 – Who cares if we are active on Facebook or not ?

A picture is usually worth 1000 words, so I am going to let these pictures talk 🙂

No more words form me………(ok may be few)

1) We use mobile devices when we are alone

Social Media Marketing Dallas

2) And we use mobile devices when we are NOT alone


3) 2nd screen phenomenon (Who cares about TV anymore?)

Social media dallas
Image source: techcrunch.com

4) This is what we do on our mobile devices (or computers)

social media 2013
by Digital Insights

So what do you think ?  Are these enough reasons to take social media seriously ?

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