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How To Use LinkedIn And Facebook To Reduce Ads Cost By 174%

Did you know you can target your LinkedIn connections via Facebook Ads?

It’s actually very easy and it can significantly reduce your Facebook Ads cost depending on your campaign objective.

First I want you to look at this

LinkedIn Facebook Ads

These are two Ad sets in the same campaign.

Everything inside is the same but the target audience.

Do you see the difference?

Ad set 1 is producing engagement at $2.06 and Ad set 2 is producing engagement at $0.75 (174% cheaper)

First, let me give you some background of this Facebook Ad campaign.It’s for one of our clients.

Campaign goal

Run Engagement Ads and target CMOs and Marketing Directors in the USA. We are actually building an audience for conversion campaign with this campaign.

So we A/B tested two different target audiences in the first couple of days.

Ad set #1 

In this Ad set, we are targeting by the job roles.

So we are targeting people who have listed following in their job titles.

  • Chief marketing officers
  • VP of marketing
  • Director of marketing
  • CMO

Ad set #2 

So this is where things become interesting. Here is the step by step process.

  1. We exported all of client’s LinkedIn connections in a CVS file. Obviously, first, we grew her LinkedIn connections strategically.
  2. Then we uploaded this CVS file into Facebook Ads manager as a custom audience.
  3. And then we targeted this custom audience inside Ad set #2.

Boom!!.. Look at the results yourself.

But, why did it work?

Here is the main reason.

Ad set #1 is COLD AUDIENCE but Ad set #2 is not. They are familiar with her name and brand because we post and engage with them on LinkedIn consistently.

Obviously, we are going to STOP the Ad set #1 and let the #2 run.

And most importantly, we did not just guess. We tested it and have the data to back it up.

Key Takeaways 

  1. Export your LinkedIn connections and use them in Facebook Ads. You can also build a look-a-like audience and use it in a separate campaign.
  2. ABT (Always Be Testing) – Make sure you always A/B test your Facebook Ads especially the target audience.
  3. If you have an engaged audience on one social platform see if you can leverage it or use it on another platform.

Now over to you.

What other tactics have you used to reduce the cost of Facebook Ads? I would love to know and test it.