LinkedIn Marketing Experiment

How To Increase Your LinkedIn Reach By 500%

Are you creating content on LinkedIn?

Do you want to know what’s working right now?

Is it videos, infographics, or high quality visuals?

Actually it’s neither.

Just use all text. That’s it.🚀

My text based posts get at least 500 – 600% higher views than visual posts.🔥

Of course it may change in future but, for now the text posts are working the best on LinkedIn.

Watch this video to learn more about my LinkedIn experiment.

If you are not sure what to post on LinkedIn, here are some ideas 😎

  1. Share your successes and failures
  2. Answer your FAQs (This is what I do)
  3. Share your insights about an industry news
  4. What are you struggling with right now? Post about that and ask for help
  5. Share your processes and secrets

If you are in B2B niche, LinkedIn is a great platform to build you personal and business brand.

Let me know if you have any question.