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The Problem With Online Business Today

You see, with online marketing this crucial element has been forgotten. It’s one that sits behind every sales page, every e-mail and every Facebook post….

Behind all of those is a person.

A daughter or son.

A mother or father.

A human being.

And humans are complex. We are all more than just a checkbox or statistic.

The number of email subscribers, the numbers of likes, clicks per conversion that all means a person is on the other side of it.

Often times big and small businesses forget this. Because they are focused on their conversion ratio or whatever the latest statistic is to track.

Humans want to be heard. They are looking for connection. To trust someone with their struggles.

As businesses, this is what we do. We solve problems. But without the connection it makes it hard to have the loyal customers. The ones that will go out of their way to work with you.

And this connection is what is missing in online marketing.

Businesses will create these emails and broadcast their message on social media but people want more than that. They want connection.

Connection through communication is what I call it “closing the gap”. It’s not just broadcasting and posting on social media. Instead, it’s about reaching out and connecting… it might not be related to your business at all. Let’s say someone needs a plumber and you reach out to them and recommend someone.

A great way to start to make these connections online is through Facebook groups. People are a lot more open in Facebook Groups than they are on their page. When someone posts about a struggle that they are going through in a group, it’s a great way to start the connection. Answer them in the group setting and maybe even follow up through private message a few days later to check up on them.

What do you have to lose? Nothing.

You only have everything to gain.

So I encourage you to reach out and create these connections with your potential clients.

And see what happens. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised.

Leave a comment below with one way you were able to connect with a potential client in a personal way.


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This guest post was written by Mariana. She is a business coach that frees moms from the 9-5 struggle (and gives them time to snuggle up with their kiddos!) by helping them beat tech overwhelm, get a marketing strategy in place, and get their first paying clients. She has been featured in various podcasts and blogs including the “Get Happy Now” Podcast. Through working with dozens of moms to build online business, she has been able to empower them to earn an income while working from home. Check out her business tips, advice on balancing it all and ditching the tech overwhelm at club key biscaynemalaysia bdsmкисти sigma отзывыпродвижение сайтовмаркет автопроверка позиций сайта