Facebook Likes

Do Facebook Likes Matter In 2016?

I was one of the keynote speakers at Trep Expo 2016 and someone asked me this question during the Q&A

“Do Facebook page likes matter these days?”

First of all, if you are spending money on acquiring Facebook fans, they should be relevant to your business.

e.g. If you have a brick and mortar business in Dallas, You need people from Dallas on your page. Not from India, China or Sri Lanka.

Secondly, Facebook page likes don’t matter if you are not sure how to convert them to sales.

If you think about it, you are in business to make money and LIKES don’t pay the bills. Right?

Now if you have a plan to convert page likes to leads and then to sales, then do spend money on getting more relevant likes.

Here is the step by step process

  1. Acquire relevant fans on your Facebook page (Use Facebook page like ads)
  2. Convert fans to leads (emails). You can use tools like Heyo or Shortstack to build lead generation pages
  3. Use email marketing to nurture the new leads and then sell them stuff

If someone tells me “I am paying $0.01 for each new page like”, it doesn’t really matter. Who cares?

But now imagine someone saying this

I am paying XYZ to acquire relevant fans.

Then I am building a relationship with my fans with some kick ass content (ooo nice).

I am also running a lead generation campaign and converting engaged fans into emails.

Then I am using email marketing (MailChimp or AWeber Email Marketing) to close the deal with my new leads.

Now we are talking ..

This guy or gal knows her stuff. 🙂

So don’t just go after more fans, make sure they are relevant to your business. Also, make sure you have a process in place to convert these fans into sales.

Yes FANS (or likes) are important but only if you know what to do with them.

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