Social Media Automation

Social Media Automation To Boost Your Productivity

Do you want to save time while managing social media tasks? Then start using social media automation.

I am a HUGE fan of “smart” social media automation. You save a lot of time and increase your productivity.

If you are not automating some parts of your social media, you are wasting time.

According to salesforce, “If you are spending a lot of time on social media, but not getting a lot of results. It may be because you spend more time on menial tasks and less time on actual engagement.”

Now, if you automate and forget it,  you will lose. You need to identify what to automate and what not to automate.

IMHO you should never automate engagement. If you do this, you lose the human part of your social media marketing. Your fans and followers can sense it and it can easily backfire on you.

What to automate:

  • Posting content
  • Cross posting from one channel to others
  • Scheduling content
  • Reporting
  • Content curation
  • Social media notifications

What not to automate:

  • Engagement
  • Customer Service

Here is a short guide from salesforce team on “How to Automate Menial Social Media Tasks and Boost Productivity“.

I love how the break down the tools and tactics.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below

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Social Media Automation

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