How To Use Video Storytelling + Facebook Ads To Drive Business Results [Case Study]

Video is extremely important but having great video content is not enough.

You also need a good distribution and marketing strategy.

If you are investing a lot in the video but, no one is watching your content then what’s the point?

Let’s take a look at this client and see how we used video storytelling and Facebook Ads to drive their business forward.

Client Goals

  1. Use social media to attract talent (specifically Facebook)
  2. Show their unique team culture to outside world and attract the right people for future job opportunities

Tactics Used

We used the power of video storytelling and Facebook Ads to create a marketing system. A system that allowed us to show the culture, boost team morale and also attract the right people for future job openings.

Here are the specific tactics that we used.

  1. Created consistent video stories featuring the internal team members. It’s amazing what you can do with your in-house talent
  2. Released videos weekly on Youtube and Facebook
  3. Used Facebook ads to distribute the videos (Targeted fans and relevant keywords)
  4. Mixed video stories with “We are Hiring” messaging
  5. Used Facebook Ads to amplify the “We are hiring” posts. We re-targeted people who were already watching the videos and were engaged. After getting some traction we did open up the targeting to cold traffic i.e. people who were looking for jobs.

Video Storytelling and Marketing


I’ll let some of these images tell you what happened.

First of all, the whole team gets excited on Monday. They want to see who’s video story is going up this week.

Have you ever seen a promotional post being shared 520+ times?

We are hiring Facebook Ad

We are hiring applicants

If you think social media can’t be used to recruit team members, think again.

Also, great content is not enough.

You need creative marketing strategies as well (both organic and unpaid)

Most social media platforms (especially Facebook) are pay to play but, if you know what you are doing, you can drive results without breaking the bank.

Video Storytelling + Creative Facebook Ads targeting = WIN