Increased Organic Website Traffic

How We Increased Organic Website Traffic By 165% [Case Study]

If you have a website or a blog, you obviously want more organic traffic.

More organic traffic = More potential leads = More business

And in many cases, it’s not that hard to increase your website traffic.

Once you identify the opportunities, you can implement and increase the traffic.

Let’s take a look at this client’s goals and the tactics we implemented.

Client Goals

  1. Increase organic website traffic
  2. Ads budget = $0
  3. Don’t increase the posting frequency. It was 2x per month.

Tactics Used

Since this client was already producing blog content (2x per month) we focused on on-page SEO and optimization tactics.

Here is what we did to increase the website traffic by more than 165%

  1. Identify a list of 15 relevant keywords
  2. Focused on one keyword in one blog article
  3. Simplified (shortened) the blog URL structure
  4. Identified the most popular articles in last 6 months (Thank You Google Analytics) and wrote more on these topics. This made a huge difference. If you haven’t looked at your Google analytics, do it right now. Try to identify the topics that already resonate with your audience.
  5. Internal linking – Linked each new blog article to at least one older article on the website site
  6. Re-purposed blog content on LinkedIn pulse with a call to action at the bottom


An increase in organic website traffic by more than 165% in less than 30 days

That’s it!

No ads.

No complicated hacks or tactics.

My personal key takeaway was: Don’t just jump into the implementation phase, spend time trying to understand the existing client workflow. Sometimes you can identify simple things that make a huge difference.