Facebook marketing for startups

10.5 Facebook Post Ideas for Startups

Rand Fishkin says that marketing after creating your product wastes energy, time, and money. I agree with with him 100%, start marketing as soon as you start working on your idea. Marketing first ensures a loyal and active audience so that when you do debut your product you will be able to get feedback right away. Here are some Facebook posts ideas you can start using right now….

1 – Show Off Your Product – Show people how your product, website app or service works. We want to see your “baby in action”

2 – Share Pictures From A Recent Event – Did you participate in a local event? or pitched in front of a small audience? Take pictures and share with your Facebook fans.

3 – Post About Your Community – We already know that it’s not just about us. So put some spotlight on the members of your community. Addison Treehouse and NodDFW Facebook pages do a great job of highlighting their members.


4 – Share Behind The Scene Photos – People love the backstage passes, so show them what goes on behind the scene in your startups (or business)

5 – Show Some Skin – Noooo: NOT that kind of skin, but add some personality to your Facebook posts. Selfies are a great way to show some personal side on Facebook. It humanizes the brand and increases engagement.

6 – Ask Questions – We love sharing our opinions so give us an opportunity. Ask simple and engaging questions.

7 – Inspire Others – Normally quote images have a much higher level of engagement. Why? Because who doesn’t like to be inspired.

8 – Post videos – Upload your videos directly to Facebook. Sharing Youtube links on Facebook pages may not get you a lot of engagement.

9 – Share Already Viral Content – If a piece of content is already proven, there is a good chance that it will get higher engagement on your Facebook page. You can use tools like Buzzsumo and Post Planner to find viral content. You can use both of these tools for FREE (limited features of course)

10 – Post About Trending Topics – Look at the right-hand side of your Facebook newsfeed. You will see some trending topics and every once in a while you may see something directly related to your niche. Use it before the topic goes cold.

10.5 – ABT(Always Be Testing) – This is not really a Facebook post idea but it’s my favorite “tip”. Always test what you learn and then start doing more of what is working. What works for one startup may not work for the other, but how would you know if you don’t test it?

Now over to you. What other Facebook post ideas for startups would add to this list?Квадрокоптер Pilotage Skycap Micro RC18167Москвеdaniabanc de binary kritikrent miami beach houseнастилка паркетавордстат