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What Are The Best Growth Hacking Tactics For Local Businesses?

Growth hacking tactics are not just limited to startups and mobile apps.

If you own a local business (brick and mortar) you can growth hack new customer acquisition.

Here are the questions you should ask yourself.

Can you incentives people to spread the word for you?

Can you inspire people to tell others about your business?

Specifically, here are some tactics you can use to get more customers.

1 – Get your existing customers involved

The best way to get new customers is to ask existing ones for help. Here are some tactics you can test.

  1. Ask them for reviews on social platforms. Video testimonials will be even better.
  2. Give them 2 gift cards. They can use one only if they bring a friend along 🙂
  3. Try related products hacks Give them gift cards for related products. e.g. If hey buy a TV, give them a gift card for living room furniture.
  4. Ask if they would share an image with your product on Instagram (Give them a hashtag to use)

2 – Get your employees involved

You can’t do everything by yourself. Make an army of brand advocates by reaching out to your team.

  1. If they love to write, get them involved in the content production process.
  2. Ask them about the most common questions from existing customers. Then make a FAQ page from those questions.
  3. If they like being on the camera, let them do some product videos.

3 – Use the live video streaming

Facebook just jumped in to the live stream trend. IMO understanding Facebook Live is the key if you’re a small business owner; even if you don’t plan on using it consistently. Live video is an important trend in the social media and mobile technology worlds. Here are few things you can do with the live video streaming

  1. You can make your new product announcements using Facebook live.
  2. Talk about your store events on the live video.
  3. Host live Q&A with your fans.

Now over to you.

What growth  hacking tactics would you suggest to a local business owner?


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