Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Is About To Get Juicer With Lead Ads

Facebook has recently started testing lead ads, a new, simpler way for people to fill out forms on their mobile devices. This is an exciting news for me and for other people who run conversion campaigns for their clients.

I do believe that these Facebook Lead Ads will come with some pros and cons


  1. The conversion rate will go up since it will be easier for people to “signup”.
  2. Having a good CTA and an Ad image will be more important since people will not go to a landing page to learn more about the campaign.
  3. Its a great news for small business owners. They don’t have to set up landing pages to capture new emails. This means less work > more action >  more leads > more sales (if they use email marketing the right way)
  4. Businesses and agencies will have to take email marketing more seriously. It will be easier to get new leads, but we can’t ignore the lead nurturing and selling process via email marketing. I see this as a PRO because an integrated social and email approach will only produce better results.
  5. The landing pages are NOT dead. We still have to drive traffic from other sources (Twitter, Google etc) to get conversions. So I don’t see any decrease in popularity of products like HEYO & Short Stack.


  1. We may get some LOW quality leads and may see more people unsubscribe. But this is defiantly something we will have to test and see.
  2. I agree with my friend Jon Loomer here that these lead ads may not be cheap

Right now, Facebook Lead Ads are currently limited to a small group of advertisers around the world. But hopefully, we will get this feature soon 🙂

So what do you think about this new way of capturing leads? Are you excited too?

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