Facebook marketing trends

What If All The Gurus Are Wrong About Facebook?

I am sure you have seen articles like these….

“10 Facebook Marketing Trends for 2016”

“12 Facebook Marketing Hacks You Need to Know in 2016”

What if we are wrong about these trends?

I know I know most of these trends are backed up by data and analysis, but just imagine for a second…What if there is no Facebook tomorrow?

IMO Facebook is a tool and tools will always be replaced by better, faster and cheaper tools (History101). But, if you think about it, this is how Facebook has changed our lifestyle

  1. We want to stay connected with people we care about
  2. We want all the information, education, and entrainment on our fingertips
  3. We don’t even want to go out anymore. We just want to stay home and “stalk people”
  4. We don’t like to be sold (just help us please…)

So Facebook can disappear tomorrow but we would still want these things. Right? We are humans and we want to be lazy.

So stop falling in love with the tools and start caring about people. If your marketing is based on these principles, you will always be in business regardless of the tools and trends.

  • How can we inform, educate, and entertain our fans
  • How can we be more useful and add value
  • How can we make their life easier by producing epic content
  • How can we give, give and give first before asking anything (Thank you Gary V. )

Now over to you. What would you do if Facebook disappears tomorrow?

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