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Cool Business Ideas For HUGE Instagram Accounts

This week I got a really cool question from one of my students in the Instagram marketing class.

Check this out.

The account name is @QueBolas and I’m am posting humor content on a daily basis. I have a total of 5 accounts which total over 4 million followers of this type of content but I’m not sure how to monetize it other than just selling advertising, but now with Instagram selling their own advertising, sales have been slow (REALLY SLOW) I went from $2,500 sales / month down to $500 🙁 I am now thinking of starting my own businesses with different accounts and expect to promote them and grow them using my current audience, I guess I need to learn more about setting up a biz account on Instagram which is definitely very different from having a humor content account . Any biz ideas will be appreciated. Most of my followers are from Colombia and Venezuela . Thank you (Jose)

Typically I get questions like these,

  1. How do I grow my Instagram from 0 to 1,000?
  2. How do I get my first 100 followers on Instagram?
  3. What is the best way to increase engagement on Instagram?

I love this question since Jose has already built an audience on the platform.

So if you have a HUGE audience on Instagram, here are a couple of business ideas you can test.

1 – Instagram consulting and coaching

This is probably the easiest way to monetize your audience.

There are so many people who would pay to learn from you.

Alex Tooby grew her @menandcoffee  Instagram account to a huge audience. Then she used her social proof and created a consulting business. How cool is that?

Check out her story here >

And look at her service packages >


2 – Sell physical products

What about selling physical products to your audience?

e.g. You can create a shopify store and design some t-shirts.

If you can design, AWESOME!!!

If not, you can hire a designer from

The trick is to make products that are relevant to your audience.

Look what Alex did after her  @menandcoffee account got popular >

3 – Work with brands

Your online influence is an asset and you can get paid for it. These days brands are reaching out to Instagram influencers for sponsored posts and partnerships.

Yes – You can advertise for the brands you love and make some money.

Here are some platforms that you can test and use.

A simple google search can help you find more.

4 – #Share4Share or #S4S

One of the best ways to grow an Instagram account is by doing #Share4Share.

If you have a big Instagram audience, you can start reaching out to people and offer #S4S packages.

This will be hard to scale since you may have to send direct messages initially. However, there are some online websites that you can use.

If you google search “Paid Instagram shoutouts” there are lots of websites that allow you to buy and sell shoutouts.

I have never used one but here are some websites from my Google search.

Now over to you.

Any other business ideas you can think of for my friend Jose?чтоAppleпримеры пиар кампанийescort malaysia independent24optionраскрутка молодого сайта