What Are Some Hype Marketing Strategies For The Launch Of A B2B Product?

It doesn’t matter if you are working on a B2B or B2C product, it’s actually the P’s that help you get some hype at the launch.

P = People

IMHO you should think about your product launch as a process rather than as an individual ‘event’.

You are not “DONE” after launching your product in the marketplace. You get feedback, learn and continue to improve your product.

Here are some marketing strategies that you can use to create some hype around your B2B launch.

1 – Announce the launch on product hunt

This can be an easy win. If you make it to the HOME PAGE, it can help you reach a lot of people.

Once you add your product to the platform, invite all of your friends, mom, GF, and EX-GF to up-vote for you.

If they are hesitant, remind them about all the nice things you have done for them in the past.

Look at this awesome story,  How Bram launched the #1 most upvoted product of all time on Product Hunt.

2 – Use LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn groups are not dead. A lot of business folks (CEOs & CMOs) spend time in the groups.

Here is what I would do to prepare for my B2B launch

  1. Find and join relevant LinkedIn groups.
  2. Start leaving meaningful comments. I would start doing this ASAP.
  3. Share your own content weekly.
  4. Find influencers and connect with them personally.
  5. Share your product launch announcement in the LinkedIn groups.
  6. Ask your friends & influencers for feedback or ask them to share your announcement. (Some people will actually do it for you)


Let’s say you are building a mobile app for hospitals. This app will allow hospitals to stay HIPAA compliant.

You can search and join all the HIPAA related groups and start building relationships.

Marketing Strategies LinkedIn


3 – Google alerts growth hack

This is a fun hack 🙂

I used it to get some press for my mobile app last year > Growth hack for FREE press.

My app was B2C but I don’t see why it won’t work for a B2B launch.

Here are the steps,

  1. Set up Google alerts. (use your keywords or names of your competitors)
  2. Find bloggers and journalists who are activity writing about your topics.
  3. Email them your launch pitch.

Why this can work: You are sending your pitch to people who are already writing about your topic.

4 – Local meetups and groups

Every city has lots of local meetups for entrepreneurs and startup founders.

Go to our friend Google and search for “startup events YOUR CITY“.

Or just head over to and do a search in your city.

Here is what I would do,

  1. Find relevant meetups in your city.
  2. Join and attend a few of these as a guest.
  3. Engage and connect with like-minded people.
  4. Reach out to organizers and ask them if you can and pitch.
  5. Go and share your launch story.

PS – If you are in Dallas, 1MillionCups and BigDNT are good events to attend.

Now over to you.

What marketing strategies or hacks would you use for a B2B launch?

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