Instagram marketing tips

10 Instagram Marketing Hacks for People with 0 Followers

I recently launched my Instagram marketing course on Udemy and I am really excited to see a lot of positive feedback. However, at least 3 of my students asked this same question

“I am a newbie on Instagram, how do I get my first 100 followers”.

I totally get it, because no one likes a ghost town. If you have 0 followers on Instagram, why would anyone follow you. Right? So here is a list of growth hacks (or tasks) you can use to get your first 100 (or close) followers.

1) Complete your Instagram bio. Make sure you add your keywords and Hashtags in the bio.

2) Use an awesome profile image (not the one from your Tinder profile)

  • If you are a brand, use your logo as a profile image
  • If you have a personal account, use your headshot

3) Post at least 9 awesome photos. No one wants to come to an empty house.

4) Search and follow at least 25 relevant Instagram accounts. e.g. I would search “#SocialMedia” and follow the first 25 accounts.

5) Like at least 25 relevant photos

6) Comment on at least 25 photos and “good pic” or “great profile” does not count. Be thoughtful!

7) Invite your Facebook friends to like your Instagram profile. Go to Instagram settings for this.

8) Follow people from your contact list & Facebook friends. Some of these will follow you back. Head back to Instagram setting to get this done.

Instagram marketing hacks

9) Post your Instagram profile on other social media channels (Twitter, Pinterest etc.)

10) Text your friends and ask them to follow you on Instagram. Yes – your mom, brother, sister and ex also count. Most of them will be more than happy to connect with you on Instagram.

Instagram marketing tips

Now that you have at least 100 (or close) followers on Instagram you can start working on the strategies I discussed in my course. e.g.

  • How to create an Instagram marketing game plan
  • Creating your daily posting schedule
  • Creating & optimizing Instagram Ads using Facebook’s power editor
  • 25+ time-saving tools for images & videos

Now over to you. What would you recommend to an Instagram newbie?


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