Schedule Posts on Instagram

6 Tools to Schedule Posts on Instagram

Are you using Instagram for business? Do you want to make posting to Instagram more convenient?

In this article, I’ll share six tools/apps to schedule posts on Instagram.

1 – Latergramme

Use Latergramme to schedule posts from a browser or use the mobile iOS. With this tool, you can only schedule and organize your Instagram posts, Latergramme does not post them for you.
It sends a mobile reminder at the scheduled time, which you can open and then post via Instagram.

  • Upload posts from your Computer, iPhone, Tablet, or Android
  • Easily Plan & Schedule your Instagram posts
  • Manage Multiple Instagram accounts
  • Add Team Members to collaborate on Instagram accounts
  • Search & Repost content from the web
  • Upload Video & Photo posts to be scheduled

Cost: FREE for 2 accounts

2 – ScheduGram

ScheduGram is an easier way to manage your Instagram accounts. Its allows web uploading of images or video, scheduling for later, and supports multiple accounts.  ScheduGram is the missing solution for brands looking to publish high quality images and videos to Instagram and reduces your Instagram headaches big time.

Cost: Free 7 day trial and paid plans start at $20 per month.

3 – TakeOff

Just like Latergramme, TakeOff helps you schedule and manage your Instagram posts. TakeOff allows your to schedule Instagram content smartly. It will automatically schedule your Instagram posts for times when they’ll be seen by most of your followers. How cool is that?

Cost: Free

4 – ViralTag

ViralTag is a tool you can use for sharing and scheduling you images to your social media accounts, Pinterest, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and also Instagram.The Viraltag Instagram mobile app connects directly to Instagram and allows you to schedule images to be posted in the future. They also have a content discovery option. It provides you with a constant stream of content you can use. You can browse by category or search by keywords.

Cost: Free trial but plans start from $29 per month.

5 – Onlypult

According to their website, it’s the perfect SMM-tool for working with Instagram. You can upload photos without any limits directly from your computer and they will be published in your Instagram account on the required day and time. It also gives you the ability to edit your images and apply filters. You can add team members and manage up to 40 Instagram accounts at once through their web interface. No more logging in and out of the Instagram app to switch accounts!

Cost: Free to sign up and get a weeklong trial. Their premium packages start at $12 per month.

6 – Hootsuite

Hootsuite will not post to your Instagram, but you can schedule posts. They have taken a similar approach to tools like Latergram, which essentially serve as reminders to post your content at a set time. According to Hootsuite “The user will receive a push notification from Hootsuite at the time they scheduled the image for and then from the Hootsuite notification they are directed into the Instagram app (the image will carry over too) and then they can publish the post themselves.”

If you want to start using Hootsuite, read this guide on “How to Schedule and Publish Posts to Instagram via Hootsuite”

Cost: Free plan for up to 3 accounts and paid options start at $9.99 per month.

When deciding what tool to use, think about

  1. Which tool will help me get the job done right
  2. Which tool will help me save more time
  3. Which tool easily fits into my social media management strategy (for me its Hootsuite)

Now over to you. Are you using Instagram for business? Do you use any scheduling tools?

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