How to Win at the Sport of Business

8 Marketing Lessons From “How to Win at the Sport of Business”

You know what’s the best thing to do on the plane?

No, it’s not watching movies or free drinks. Its actually reading a book (for me at least….)

I just returned home from my trip to Pakistan & Dubai. It was a long flight from Dubai to Dallas (14 hours to be exact). I read Mark Cuban’s first published book, How to Win at the Sport of Business. It’s a quick read and full of inspiring stories,  so obviously I loved it 🙂

Mark combines the fun of sports and the seriousness of a business to help us understand what we need to win at both.

Here are some marketing lessons I learned from Mark’s book.

  1. Be consistent or go home. Are you not getting results from Facebook Ads? How long have you tested these or how many A/B tests have you done?
  2. If you are not failing, you are not growing. Newer platforms like Instagram and Snapchat sound scary to some business owners. So what if you fail? If you don’t attempt to learn new strategies, you will not grow.
  3.  ABL (Always Be Learning). If something does not work, change your strategy and go for the second round.
  4. Taking ACTION is the only thing that matters. Stop reading blog articles and start engaging with your fans on social media channels. (Action > Reading)
  5. Being able to sell is a MUST have skill. Growing fans on Facebook is just the start. Do you know how to convert these fans into paying customers? Hint: Create an awesome lead magnet (prize). Then use Facebook Ads to drive relevant traffic to the lead magnet. Capture emails and then sell via email marketing. Of course you should nurture new leads before sending them a discount coupon. BTW If you want a step by step guide, you can check out my popular course on Udemy. Its called “Facebook Marketing: Start Converting Fans Into Sales
  6. Become a storyteller. As users of social media, we hate getting sold. But, we do love interesting and inspiring stories. Can you craft a story about your business or product?
  7. Respect your haters. Remember those negative comments & tweets? See if you can learn anything from those haters.
  8. Live within your means (do you really need that BMW?). You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on Facebook ads. You can start with $3 per day. Hint: Spend $1 on getting new and relevant fans. 2nd dollar on getting engagement and 3rd dollar on driving traffic to your lead magnet (prize).

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