What Really Grinds My Gears..

social media plan

…is when people don’t have any social media plan.

So if you don’t have a social media plan, ask yourself these questions and create one TODAY!


1. What do you want to achieve from social media marketing ? 

Hint: Brand awareness, Leads, Sales or App download

2. Who will execute the plan ?

Hint: In house or outsource

3. Should my company have presence on all social media channels ?

Hint: HELL NO……

4. What are the best social media channels for my business ? 

Hint: Go where your customers are

5. How often should we post ?

Hint: Depends on the platform but at least start, test and adapt

6. What should I post ?

Hint: What is your targeted audience interested in ? Also think about 20% promotional and 80% non promotional content

7. What type of content should I post ?

Hint: Visual content is very powerful so think about images & short videos

8. Should I respond to negative comments on social media ?

Hint: Absolutely..

9. How can I convert my fans to customers ? 

Hint: Think about this process (1) Connection (2) Engagement (3) Promotion (4) Sales

10. How do I know if social media is working ? 

Hint: Google analytics

11. Should I use paid advertising e.g. Facebook Ads?

Hint: HELL YEAH….You can create micro targeted ads and its very cost effective

So what do you think ? Are you ready to create a social media plan ?



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