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5 Key Benefits of Social Media Automation

Social Media Automation is not EVIL and when done right, it will help you save a lot of time.

Obviously, if you “set it & forget it” you will suck and fail.

This is what I believe….

So instead of running away from automation, I want you to step back and see if you can benefit from it. Here are some key reasons why you should consider social media automation today.

1 – Save time

The biggest benefit of using social media automation tools is the amount of time you save.

You don’t have to sit on the computer and post Tweets all day. A tool like Tweet JukeBox or Social Oomph can help you create queues of evergreen content. You can even create a custom schedule that you want these tools to follow.

2 – Establish Posting Consistency

Consistency is #1 key to success on social media.

Social media automation can help you stay consistent even when you are busy or traveling. By automating your social media posting and choosing the exact times when to share, you give your followers predictability. If you post manual updates daily, what if you get busy one day?

If you are consistent, your fans/followers will know when to expect content from you, thus increasing the chances to actually see your posts.

3 – More Reach

Posting and scheduling content at a time when your audience is online increases the likelihood of it being viewed and shared. You can use tools like Facebook insights to see the time when most of your audience is online.

Having your posts scheduled at these peak times helps you connect with more people and thus more organic reach.

4 – Become more productive

This is related to #1. With proper social media automation tools, you will likely save time and It’s like you have more hours in a day. You can spend this time on other higher value tasks (e.g. Engagement, Customer services)


5 – Get more creative

Social media automation will force you to create simple processes and systems. Keep in ming that It won’t be perfect the first time. You will have to test your strategy, tools and timing a few times. But you will get creative about your social media strategy, content and execution.

Planning your social media posts in advance gives you the opportunity to brainstorm more ideas with your team. You can even prevent mistakes from happening.

Now over to you. Do you use any social media automation tools?

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