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48 Things To Tweet When You’re Out of Ideas


Are you having a tough time coming up with things to tweet? Or may be you are looking for creative ways to improve your Twitter engagement. 

I know the feeling. It can be hard to consistently come up with new and interesting things to tweet.

This article will give you 50 tweet ideas for when you feel stuck and out of ideas. 

  1. Tweet a recent article in your industry.
  2. Tweet a youtube video (what did you learn form this video)
  3. Tweet a native video (upload directly to Twitter).
  4. Let your followers know about future events you’re going to.
  5. Find people asking questions in your niche and answer them.
  6. Tweet a selfie. (It’s ok, let’s have some fun)
  7. Share a “behind the scene photo” of your business.
  8. Tweet a customer testimonial.
  9. Share statistics in your industry (e.g. Social media 2017 statistics)
  10. Announce an upcoming event or promotion at your company.
  11. Reply to other people’s tweets.
  12. Create Tweets from your company’s FAQ page.
  13. Share tips and hacks in your Industry.
  14. Share your opinion of a movie you just watched.
  15. Share your opinion of a game(NFL, NBA etc) you just watched.
  16. Share inspirational quotes (They always work).
  17. Tweet about your favorite song.
  18. Thank the tweeters that you engage with the most.
  19. Share your favorite blog or website.
  20. Join a Twitter chat and help other people.
  21. Tweet about your discounts and promotions. (We all love this)
  22. Tweet about the new product launch or new release.
  23. Tweet fun photos from your past. #ThrowBackThursday
  24. Tell people who should they follow. #FollowFriday
  25. Give something away for free. May be a $5 gift certificate or FREE product trial.
  26. Reply to someone who has mentioned you.
  27. Say happy birthday using a Tweet.
  28. Share a funny gif.
  29. Tweet braking news from your industry.
  30. Tweet a funny meme.
  31. Share a company milestone that you just reached.
  32. Share your response to a trending hashtag.
  33. Provide great customer service on Twitter.
  34. Tweet about your favorite Instagram account.
  35. Celebrate a holiday on Twitter.
  36. Share your hobbies. What do you do in your FREE time.
  37. Share your best productivity hack.
  38. Share your goals for this year.
  39. Share your product demo.
  40. Share presentations from SlideShare.
  41. Participate in live tweets.
  42. Tweet about your favorite TV show.
  43. Recommend one of your favorite tools or hacks.
  44. Use Twitter card to generate leads.
  45. Share a prediction you have for your industry.
  46. Tweet about “what’s working now” in your business.
  47. Share what you are struggling with and ask for help.
  48. Tweet a link to your blog (We all know this. Right?)

Now over to you. What would you add to this list?