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5 Email Marketing Tips We Can Learn from a Dallas Startup

Email marketing is NOT dead and we still read our emails (if they are not too spammy). Look at some of these stats

I can go on and on, but you get the point.

Your startup or SMB needs an email marketing strategy and we all can learn from Guidrr, a startup based in Dallas.

With Guidrr, travel micro-entrepreneurs now can serve and earn income directly from their follower audience. (Like Bloggers, Instagrammers, peer to peer hosts, guides & drivers, and more). Guidrr team started email marketing months before the app launch. Here is an example

Let take some notes from Aassia’s email updates. She is the founder & CEO of Guidrr.

1 – #JustStart

Start your email campaign as soon as possible. I know she started sending weekly email way before the product actually launched. What a great way to build anticipation. Right?

2 – Size does not matter

You don’t need a huge email list to start. My assumption is that she did not have a big list when she sent her first email.

3 – Forget about “marketing”

Some people think of marketing as an evil or complicated act. So lets forget about “marketing”. Just imagine you are sharing your story through emails. People do want to know about your journey. If they don’t want to hear from you, unsubscribe button is always there.

4 – Talk about “them” in your email

Put some focus on your community, team, potential users etc. Look at this example below. What a great way to have Melissa feel special.

5 – Make it personal

Show your personal side in the emails. People will love it and connect with your brand even more. After reading this from Aassia, I naturally wanted to know what happened in London.

Guidrr is launching very soon. You can head over to their website and learn more about a new way to think about travel and tourism

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