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6 Ways to Sky Rocket Facebook Engagement (With Examples)

Are you frustrated by the dropping organic reach and engagement on Facebook? You are not alone and here are 6 super simple tips that can help…

1 – Ask Simple Questions 

Who does not like to share their opinion on simple topics? Look at Post Planner’s Facebook page for some cool ideas.

2 – Use AWESOME Images 

Nobody does it better than Kim Garst. Images are great to tell stories and get more engagement in the news feed.

BOOST Facebook Engagement

3 – Show Your Personal Side 

Showing your personality always works. Why ? Because people love connecting with other people (not just logos). Marie Forleo is a prime example of how you can “show off” some personal side in your business.

BOOST Facebook Engagement

4 – Post About Trending Topics 

… BUT only if they are relevant to your business.

BOOST Facebook Engagement

5 – Use Videos 

People are spending a lot of time watching videos on Facebook. According to adage, Facebook’s latest stats have show dramatic rise in video content. “Video is a very big priority,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said during the company’s third-quarter earnings call in October 2014. So make sure you add some video content to your Facebook page. If you need some ideas, check out Gary Vaynerchuk’s Facebook page.

Facebook Organic Reach

6 – Post Timing 

Some people like to post at peak times and other like to get creative and post at non-peak times. So what should you do? Well, test it and see what works best for your business page.

Now over to you. What have you done recently to BOOST your engagement on Facebook?кера нова официальный сайтenglish to dutch translationобзор летних шин 2016 для кроссовероврrстилусцентр возрождение