Hootsuite and Instagram

Hootsuite Marries Instagram: But is This a Good Thing?

Marketers, brand managers, and social agencies are dancing up and down because of this news from Hootsuite. We can now publish and schedule Instagram content from our Hootsuite dashboard. Because of this Integration, users can now do all of the following (and more) using Hootsuite

  1. Schedule and publish Instagram images
  2. Monitor and engage with Instagram community
  3. Share access to many Instagram accounts across teams
  4. Easily create and manage Instagram social media campaigns

This is an awesome news, however, we can’t ditch our mobile phones just yet. When your image is ready to be sent out, you will receive a notification from the Hootsuite app directing you to the Notification Center. You then tap the post, which will open in the Instagram app to publish. While this may not be as easy and seamless as one might hope, it does streamline the process somewhat. Marketers can easily create images on the desktop and push it to Instagram using Hootsuite dashboard.

If you want to get started, just follow this “How to Schedule and Publish Posts to Instagram via Hootsuite” guide.

While the marketer inside me is super happy, I do have a BIG concern. As users, we may start seeing more “promotional” content in our Instagram newsfeed and less of “real time / NOW” content. This may be a big turn off for some Instagram users. 

What do you think? Do you think marketers will “overuse” this new feature and kill Instagram?buy a house in Miami cheapкакой производитель ноутбуков лучше 2013купить батарейкишлифовка доскив гуглпродвижение сайта