Repurposing Content

How to Gain Maximum Exposure by Repurposing your Content

As you know high quality content is KING and can be repurposed into many different pieces including social media updates, presentations, and blog posts. You can maximize your content exposure by creating a strategic approach. This approach starts with a solid foundation.

  1. Prepare an outline: Sketch out your main and sub talking points.
  2. Write your article: Keep in mind it needs to be at least 300-500 words and keep SEO and outbound links in mind when writing.
  3. Create a short version: Create a short version of your full article that can be used in social updates.
  4. Prepare social posts: Pull your core points from your article to create 8-10 social media snippets. Be sure to use hashtags and images.

Now that your text is prepared it’s time to move on to creating your brand assets for your blog posts, social media updates, and presentations. You can use tools like Adobe Photoshop for professionals or Canva for us marketing people. Now that you have all of the pieces you can start posting your content and gain more exposure.

  1. Medium: You can post your shorter article on this blog platform and link back to your blog post on your website and gain new blog followers.
  2. Twitter: Schedule out your tweets with your social media posts pointing back to the original blog post. Be sure to include a featured image for more engagement.
  3. Facebook: Post you shorter version on Facebook and link it back to your blog to read the full article. You can include the same featured image that was used on Twitter posts or a new one.
  4. SlideShare: From your outline you can design a presentation using a tool like Microsoft PowerPoint and post it into SlideShare that can be shared in your social media updates or embedded into your newsletter.

Be sure each piece of content reaches its maximum exposure by repurposing it on different channels. Once you get this strategy down you can try new things like posting on YouTube or creating a Podcast. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try new channels to post your content.

This is a guest post by Scott Sims, Co-founder and CEO at Buzzlogix. Scott is responsible for leading Buzzlogix’s worldwide operations, and for steering the overall direction and strategy of the company. He is on the board of Social Media Dallas and enjoys talking about social media strategies and tips. He regularly posts on industry leading social media blogs and the Buzzlogix blog.спортблендер рецепты приготовленияrent downtownпродажа контекстной рекламысео копирайтерпродвижение сайта киев