Outreach Email Tips

This is how you Write a Perfect Outreach Email

If you want to sell something. Promote something. Ask something. Sending a generic email is just asking to get ignored and possibly deleted. To get a response, you have to make your email personal and create a win-win for the recipient. Today, I’m going to show you the elements of a PERFECT outreach email, and how you email busy people the right way in order to make things happen.

Here is the email I got from Sean at Sprout Social. Within 30 seconds, I did what he was asking me to do and I don’t even know him.

So let’s get started and see what makes Sean’s email a perfect pitch or “ask” email.

1 – Make it personal

Sean made his email personal by calling me by the name. Before writing your first word, do the research and find people to contact who might be interested in what you have to say.

2 – Do your homework

He had done his homework and read the content I had produced recently. This is extremely important. I was excited that he had read one of my recent blog posts.

3 – Create a win-win

Sean asked me to share content which is relevant to my audience also. If he had asked me to share something related to fashion or pets, I would’ve probably ignored it. So always be thinking of the “What’s in it for them,” because it’s a question every recipient will be asking after reading your email.

4 – Make it easy for others

He made it super easy for me by putting the blog link in his email. I didn’t have to go and find the article.

5 – Write concisely

If you’re reaching out to someone for the first time, keep it short. People are busy these days and may not have time to read an email that’s 3 pages long.

Now over to you. Are there any email outreach tips that you’d like to share with me? A method that you’ve seen bring in results? Do comment below.lifecycle managementлетние шины купить 225 65 18эхолоты для рыбалкиокна рекламафото поездки в буковельреклама для сайта