Startup Marketing

Startup Marketing: This is The Biggest Mistake Founders Make

Recently I was on Startup Dallas TV show with Jason Croft. We talked about the challenges of startup marketing and why most startups fail to get traction at the launch.

To me, the biggest mistake founders make is to wait until the product is launched before marketing it. It’s a mistake because 1000s of products and apps are released daily. Yours is just one of them. It will be very hard for people to notice and pay attention to your product.

My friend Derek Halpern from Social Triggers said,

Build an audience first and then sell (DH)

I would actually add something to what he said,

Build an engaged audience first and then sell (AM)

So now the question is “how do we build an engaged audience”.  Great question! Actually there are several ways, but here is a simple process that I would use and recommend if you are just starting out.

  1. Look at your closest competitors
  2. Study their website, blog & social media channels
  3. Identify what is working for them
  4. Steal it and make it better
  5. Pick one (or at the most two) social channels and start engaging
  6. Start blogging and produce consistent content
  7. Measure, Test, Rinse and Repeat

My friend Dennis Yu once said, “Social marketing is like growing a garden“. I couldn’t agree with him more. Its a long process but hey if we don’t start we will never get there. Right ?

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