Thank You Instagram For New Search and Explore

Recently Instagram announced two major updates

  • The all-new Explore page, with trending Tags and Places
  • More powerful search that makes it easier to find the people, places, and tags

I have been doing a happy dance since I saw this news because this will make my job as a marketer easier.

Now here are few ways I would suggest using Instagram’s New Search and Explore!

1) Using trending tags

No more searching for “top Instagram hashtags” to get more engagement. Look what is trending and use it in your posts (if its relevant)

2) Get Inspired (or just steal)  

Remember those days when we are like, “hey I don’t know what should I post today”. Just look at the TOP POSTS inside trending tags and take notes.

3) Find influencers easily

It’s now easier to find relevant influencers. Just look under the curated section of “Discover New People” and follow them. Obviously to get their attention you have to engage with them on a consistent basis.

4) Hungry for pizza? 

Use the new Instagram SEARCH to find the locations nearby and then see what their food looks like.

 Instagram's New Search and Explore

5) Planning a weekend trip to Joe Pool Lake? 

Why not do a SEARCH and see what is going on there (in real time) before heading out? So cool!

Instagram's New Search and Explore

These are just a few ways to use  Instagram’s New Search and Explore. I am sure they are many more. Now over to you. How would you use these new features form Instagram?отдых в грузии зимойbinary option brokersиндексация сайта проверкаapartment miamireal estate key midtown-miamiадвего сео